During Vinilmania about 150 exhibitors are attending: Italian exhibitors are the majority
but the foreigners presence reaches now 35 % The foreigner exhibitors come from:

UK, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Denmark, European East

countries, USA and Japan.
Do you want to participate to Vinilmania ? Welcome
Please contact
and he will send the record fair regulations and all needed info.
Collectors 70%
Curious 30%
Male 75%
Female 25%
Italian 95%
Foreigners 5%
Age level:
15 /25 years old 25%
25 /35 years old 45%
40 /oltre years old 30%
Vinilmania always enjoys a large space on Italian newspapers and magazines
and many important TV channels have dedicated special broadcastings to this popular
event. The periodicity of the exhibition allows a continuous relation between collectors
and exhibitors, and this bond based on knowledge and loyalty is the strong foundation
of the great success of Vinilmania, surely now among the more important
international record fairs.